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Star Citizen Roadmap Update July 17th, 2020 – The Lone Gamers

CI have changed (or at least tweaked) the Patch Naming Scheme for Star Citizen's Quarterly Patches. Q2 the June 2020 Patch was supposed to be Alpha 4.0, that's now named 3.10 and the one after Q3 2020 September Patch 3.11

Star Citizen Release Dates - Alpha 3

The Roberts Space Industries Star Citizen and Squadron 42 roadmaps At first, the release of the year was announced as 2014 after 2 years of crowdfunding has started. However, when 2014 was at the door, the company announced that the release date was delayed to 2015. Even the date was determined as 11 December, but on that specific day, nothing was released Wann kommt 3.10 für alle? Wie bei allen Updates zu Star Citizen wird vor der Veröffentlichung kein exakter Termin kommuniziert. Bei Version 3.9 hat es in etwa zwei Wochen vom Start der ersten..

Star Citizen Alpha 3.10 Useful Resources. This page is a spillover from the main Star Citizen Resources page. As Star Citizen Alpha gameplay continues to expand with each patch the amount of patch-specific resources is increasing. Also see the main page -> Star Citizen Resources I've been noting they should rename it to 3.10 and reserve 4.0 for warmholes before, yet was severely downvoted Star Citizen 3.10 New Features. Star Citizen Alpha 3.10 the next major patch looks set to release to LIVE for the end of June, the features of 3.10 have changed somewhat over the last few months. This video will go over the features of 3.10, what we can talk about and all the FAQ that are asked about the Patch Dessen Fertigstellung war jedoch erst für Sommer 2020 mit der Veröffentlichung von Alpha 3.10 geplant. Stattdessen erscheint sie jetzt bereits Ende Mai mit dem Update auf Version 3.9.1

Star Citizen Alpha 3.10 Late But One Step Closer to Release July 17, 2020 Initially due for release during Q2 2020 although understandably experiencing delays like many other online games on the market, developer Cloud Imperium Games are one step closer to deploying Star Citizen Alpha 3.10 onto live servers Star Citizen Alpha 3.10 Will Help Make Landing Easier New Water and New Voxel-Based Fire Also Mentioned Garrick Durham-Raley Updated: Jun 5, 2020 4:16 PM Posted: Jun 5, 2020 3:40 P Welcome to a summary of the Star Citizen Alpha 3.10.0 LIVE Patch Notes.STAR CITIZEN 3.10.0 LIVE PATCH NOTES | https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/com.. August 5, 2020 John Papadopoulos 64 Comments Cloud Imperium has announced the release of Star Citizen Alpha 3.10: Flight & Fight. According to the team, this new alpha introduces an array of new..

Star Citizen Alpha 3

  1. Release Star Citizen Patch 3.12 ist nun Spielbar/Verfügbar. 19. Dezember 2020 . Patchnotes Release Star Citizen Star Citizen Patch 3.11 ist Online. 8. Oktober 2020 . Patchnotes Release Star Citizen Star Citizen Patch 3.10 ist da - die Patchnotes. 6. August 2020 . Events Star Citizen Vorschau Invictus Launch Week + Freefly Event. 7. Mai 2021 . Bald ist allen wieder möglich Star Citizen.
  2. Star Citizen Is Making 'Tremendous Strides', Says Chris Roberts; It Is However 'Too Early' to Talk of Squadron 42 Release Dates Alessio Palumbo • Dec 24, 2020 1
  3. 1 Prices 2 Availability Key 3 See also 4 References All pricesare in dollars and do not include VAT.Prices are subjected to changes as prices increase during development. Ships and vehicles are listed from lowest to highest standalone price in alphabetical order. Only the ships and vehicles that are available as standalone to players are listed. The first table is for ships, the second table.
  4. Star Citizen 3.10.2 Prison Guide - Get Out Of Jail Free - YouTube

Star Citizen: Alpha 3

Star Citizen (englisch für Sternenbürger) ist eine Online-Weltraum-Flugsimulation mit Kampf- und Handelselementen für Windows, welche sich seit 2010 in Entwicklung befindet und seit 2011 produziert wird. Seit 2013 sind Teile des Spiels im Alpha-Stadium zu Testzwecken spielbar. Nach dem mehrfachen Verstreichen angekündigter Termine gibt das Unternehmen kein offizielles. Star Citizen is a constantly growing project that moves closer to its pictured self.As crowdfunding continues to grow Cloud Imperium Games continues to pump more money into perfecting their title. This game grew from a dream to one of the best online space simulators on the market. The video released showcases in-game brands within the world that will set the parameters for weapons, ships, and. Each Live release gets us closer to a feature complete Alpha. The PTU is specifically pre-Alpha Live release content and builds, used to verify and prepare for a release to all players. Both games, Star Citizen and Squadron 42, have many features still in design phase, development, and testing. We also have performance and optimization work in each phase to complete as the games increase in size and complexity A comparison matrix of all ships with their most important specifications currently or in the future available in Star Citizen. Name Size Role SCM Boost SCU Crew min Crew max Length (m) Beam (m) Heigth (m) Mass (kg) Status Manufacturer Patch release; 100i: Small Starter;Touring 210 2 1 1 19.3 11.0 4.0 Flight Ready ORIG: Alpha 3.11.0: 125a: Small Starter;Light Fighter 230 2 1 1 19.3 11.0 4.0.

Star Citizen ist nun mit der Alphaversion 3.10, nach langem und Sehnsüchten warten, seit dem 05.08.2020 für alle Unterstützer verfügbar.. Es gibt eine ganze Reihe an Neuigkeiten welche dieser Patch für Star Citizen bringt. Wie immer haben wir uns die Mühe gemacht und für Euch die Patchnotes teils Maschinell und teils selbst Übersetzt auch nicht so Englisch sprechenden Spielern die. Star Citizen: Around the Verse 3.10 zu Raumschiffen, Rover, Kamera und Sound Quelle: Cloud Imperium Games 21.10.2016 um 16:15 Uhr von George J. King - In der neuesten Folge 3.10 der Serie Around. Star Citizen Alpha 3.10 ist erschienen. Neben den bereits zuvor angekündigten Features gibt es zudem ein paar kleine, bisher unbekannte Neuerungen

Star Citizen Alpha 3.10.0u PTU.5779622 Patch Notes. Prison oxygen kiosk repair missions should now trigger properly for players and show in the mobiGlas. Planetary ambiances should no longer be heard at various locations inside the interior of New Babbage. Fixed an impounding delay that was causing ships to be impounded when not obstructing a landing pad. Fixed 2 Client crashes & 2 Server. Star Citizen New 3.10.0 Features Added. Welcome to some more Star Citizen with a 3.10.0 Roadmap Update, there is a load of new features been added we also have the Origin 100 Series turning up for Alpha 3.11.0 and some other tidbits of news. We have some pretty big near term Roadmap Updates: We saw a what I would deem a minor feature slip with the Surrender Mechanics, Tasks in this card. Star Citizen Alpha 3.10 Useful Resources. This page is a spillover from the main Star Citizen Resources page. As Star Citizen Alpha gameplay continues to expand with each patch the amount of patch-specific resources is increasing. Also see the main page -> Star Citizen Resources. Star Citizen Alpha 3.10 All Item Stats & Locations. Information about new locations as well as all items, ships and.

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↑ Star Citizen Alpha 3.11.1 LIVE.6538054 Patch Notes on RSI Website ↑ Star Citizen Alpha 3.11.0c LIVE.6314272 Patch Notes on RSI Website ↑ Star Citizen Alpha 3.11.0 on RSI Website ↑ Star Citizen Alpha 3.10.2 LIVE.5910184 Patch Notes on RSI Website ↑ Star Citizen Alpha 3.10.1 LIVE.5855172 Patch Notes on RSI Websit Star Citizen Alpha 3.10 - Keybinding Changes/Additions; Cloud Imperium Games Knowledge Base; Updates and Info; Announcements; Star Citizen Alpha 3.10 - Keybinding Changes/Additions Created by: Thrysurr-CIG. February 01, 2021 15:05; Updated; Some of the usability improvements in Alpha 3.10 involved a significant keybind rework and it is strongly advisable that you go through your keybinds in.

The most important feature of Star Citizen and Squardon 42 development is the ultimate promise to not compromise over release dates. The transparent development process has yielded that Roberts Space Industries frequently comment on the goals of progress. Goals which include optimistic release dates for features such as the recently released Serverside Object Container Streaming I have found the release date guys. CREATIVE. 11 comments. share. save hide report. 68% Upvoted . Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. Sort by. best. level 1. worm. 4 points · 2 hours ago. Ah yes, July 64th. That's my uncle's cousin's sister's nephew's baby brother's birthday! level 2. new user/low karma. 3 points · 1 hour ago. i can see it happening on the 64th next year. Squadron 42, the stand-alone single-player campaign for Star Citizen, has missed its 2020 beta release date with no new date in sight. As reported by DualShockers, no new date for the beta has.

Star Citizen Roadmap - RS

LOS ANGELES, August 4, 2020 -- The most ambitious video game project to-date just got bigger with today's release of the Star Citizen — Alpha 3.10: Flight & Fight update, introducing an array. Despite concerns from backers about whether Star Citizen and Squadron 42 will ever actually release, Cloud Imperium Games has refused to confirm a launch date for either title, but it acknowledges that it hasn't kept fans up to date as well as it should. Star Citizen remains the most successful crowdfunded game of all time, having raised more than $300 million from fans since it first appeared. It still doesn't have a release date 11 years in, but Star Citizen has broken a jaw-dropping $350 million revenue milestone in its never-ending crowdfunding campaign. Star Citizen and Squadron 42, a spaceflight sim and first-person shooter, respectively, Star Citizen is the most expensive game ever made, and it generates the lion's share of its revenue from crowdfunding, selling starter packs. Während bei Star Citizen gerade eine Free-Fly-Aktion von Alpha 3.10 läuft, hat sich Frontmann Chris Roberts mit einem ausführlichen Statement an die Spieler gewandt, den 3.10 will receive bugfix updates approximately every 2 months for approximately 18 months. Some time after the release of 3.11.0 final, the ninth and final 3.10 bugfix update will be released. After that, it is expected that security updates (source only) will be released until 5 years after the release of 3.10 final, so until approximately October 2026

Star Citizen Release Date Status (2021), Steam, Gamepla

Star Citizen begrenzt freie Landeanflüge, Fans beschweren sic

  1. Star Citizen Patch 3.13.0 [edit | edit source]. Alpha Patch 3.13.0 has been released and is now available! Patch should now show: VERSION 3.13.-LIVE.7319707. It is strongly recommended that players delete their USER folder for the Public client after patching, particularly if you start encountering any odd character graphical issues or crash on loading
  2. Protect your online privacy today at http://expressvpn.com/inside.Go to http://stamps.com, click on the microphone at the TOP of the homepage, and type in IN..
  3. Die Alpha 3.10 ist für Star Citizen erscheinen und will euch noch intensivere Raumkämpfe ermöglichen. 7 Andreas Bertits 10 Monaten 0 Kommentare Star Citizen bricht endlich Schweigen um Squadron.

It appears that 3.10 is truly in the rearview mirror of Star Citizen, but that doesn't mean that the team at CIG hasn't learned a thing or two as a result of the features that the update added.For proof of that, we turn to a postmortem shared by the devs that outlines goals for various alpha 3.10 features, explains what worked out, and elaborates on things that need improvement Star Citizen's single-player campaign misses beta window, doesn't have a release date New, 275 comments ' Squadron 42 will be done when it is done, and will not be released just to make a.

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Star Citizen Alpha Patch 3.0.0 is now available! Alpha 3.0.0 is our largest content release to date featuring numerous tech and core system updates. Players will.. Learn more in the Making of Star Citizen video series: Ship Pipeline Part 1 - Concept to Greybox; Ship Pipeline Part 2 - (Greybox to Flight Ready) Related articles. Concierge Levels and Rewards; Pledge Buy Back tool; Star Citizen Alpha 3.10 - Keybinding Changes/Additions; Star Citizen Minimum System Requirements ; Mining Basics ©2012-2018 Cloud Imperium Games Corporation & Roberts Space. The ship was originally planned to be released in Alpha 3.8, Vol. 8 no. 3. pp.3-10. Retrieved 2020-04-07. ↑ Intergalactic Aerospace Expo, Day One: The Prowler. Transmission - Comm-Link. Retrieved 2020-04-07 ↑ Star Citizen Alpha 3.8 Ship Updates. Spectrum. Retrieved 2020-04-07 ↑ Roadmap Roundup - January 24th, 2020. Spectrum Dispatch - Comm-Link. Retrieved 2020-04-07 ↑ 12.0 12.1. Eine der besten Methoden, um in Star Citizen 3.8 an Geld zu kommen ist Mining zu Fuß. Da die Einstiegskosten sehr gering sind, eignet es sich gerade für Anfänger. Ihr benötigt nu

But despite all the money coming in, Star Citizen seems to have no release date in sight, and where all of the money is going is of concern. Last year, financial statements revealed that the. Star Citizen is a dangerous title to discuss; backed by frenzied crowd funders that are becoming increasingly frustrated by Cloud Imperium Games struggling to launch anything of merit while continuing to accept customers payments for microtransactions that can easily stretch into thousands of dollars for a singular ship such as the Javelin: a $2,500 limited-run ship Welcome to Star Hangar - the safest marketplace for Star Citizen items. Register to buy or sell spaceships and other items today

Star Citizen Alpha-Update 3.9.1: Cutlass Blue steht überraschend schon in den Startlöchern Quelle: Cloud Imperium Games 22.05.2020 um 11:21 Uhr von Benjamin Gründken - Bei Star Citizen kam es. Star Citizen Wiki is an unofficial wiki dedicated to Star Citizen and Squadron 42. It covers all content relating to Star Citizen including the everything featured in the game, the lore, and the development process and team behind it. This site is not endorsed by or affiliated with the Cloud Imperium or Roberts Space Industries group of companies. The Star Citizen Wiki is a part of the Star. Law Abiding Citizen is a 2009 American vigilante action thriller film directed by F. Gary Gray from a screenplay written by Kurt Wimmer.It stars Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx and takes place in Philadelphia, telling the story of a man driven to seek justice while targeting not only his family's killer but also those who have supported a corrupt criminal justice system, intending to assassinate. Star Citizen Alpha 3.12 Assault on Stanton Released With New Trailer and Content Aplenty. 107d ago. News robertsspaceindustries.com. 160° 22. Star Citizen Opens Final IAE 2950 Hall With All Ships Flyable Free; Crowdfunding Passes $332 Million. 125d ago. News twinfinite.net. 70° 2. New Star Citizen Video Shows Perseus & Tractor Beam as Crowdfunding Total Passes $335 Million. 122d ago. Star Citizen erhält wohl keinen Release für die Next-Gen-Konsolen Playstation 4 und Xbox One.Dies verriet Eric Peterson in einem Interview.Peterson ist als President of Development für Cloud.

Eight years have passed since Cloud Imperium Games first mentioned Squadron 42, Star Citizen's standalone singleplayer campaign. In that time we've seen delays heaped upon delays, major. Star Citizen PC Release Date: 2021 . Alternative Game Tags: Star Citizen, freelancer, wing commander, chris roberts, star citisen . Star Citizen vs Avg. AAA Game System Requirements Avg. AAA.

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4.0 is now (next week) 3.10 : starcitize

Star Citizen is an incredibly ambitious, crowdfunded, multiplayer, space flight and combat simulator for PC. It's the brainchild of legendary game developer Chris Roberts, who cemented himself in the early days of PC games with the popular Wing Commander series. He would later go on to develop other space sims, like 2003's Freelancer, to which Roberts considers Star Citizen to be a spiritual. Star Citizen Alpha update 3.10.0, dubbed the Flight & Fight update, is now in the Live channel, offering all backers a chance to try out the brand new atmospheric flight model, new miner, and more Star Citizen has $339 million in funding and 10 years of development — but there's no release date in sight. When head developer Chris Roberts first announced Star Citizen in 2010 with a. Alle wichtigen News zu Star Citizen im Überblick: Vor dem Release fassen wir Wissenswertes zur Alpha 3.0, der Squadron 42-Kampagne und mehr zusammen

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Star Citizen dates its next free-to-play Invictus Week event, talks about Theaters of War progress. Chris Neal-May 3, 2021 11. Star Citizen is a project of multiple game modes. There's the Persistent Universe (the MMO mode), Arena Commander (the space combat arena mode), Star... Star Citizen shares some new armor concepts and another preview of the Orison landing zone. Chris Neal-April 30. Star Citizen has become highly criticized during its long production process, both for the fact that there is still no clear release date and for the difficulty in which backers who have abandoned the project have had in receiving a refund. The launch of the game was originally anticipated for 2014, but was repeatedly delayed. In 2013, Cloud Imperium Games began releasing parts of the game. So gelangst Du auf den PTU-Server von Star Citizen. Willst Du die neusten Fea­tures der Wel­traum-Flugsim­u­la­tion aus­pro­bieren, gibt es für Dich zwei Möglichkeit­en. Wenn Du Star Cit­i­zen bere­its instal­liert hast, kannst Du Vari­ante 1 über­sprin­gen und direkt zu Vari­ante 2 sprin­gen. Vari­ante 1 erfol­gt über einen Login in Dein RSI-Kon­to. Folge dazu diesem. In the case of Star Citizen, the release dates have been pushed back year on year, from 2014 to 2015 to 2016 to 2017, and almost always at the last possible moment. The most recent example is CIG's Gamescom presentation this August, which showcased an impressive list of features and optimizations. At the end of the presentation Chris Roberts, the head of CIG, stated that they are aiming for. Coupons For Star Citizen - Best Coupon Codes. CODES (9 days ago) Star Citizen Coupon Codes 2021, Get 500 Free Credits (Just Now) STAR-J299-3QLK - Sign up for new account and use star citizen coupon code to get free dragonfly space-bike of value $60 with 5000 in-game currency. STAR-4Q95-2BQ7 - Buy star citzen during holidays and get $45 goodies free upon using coupon code

Star Citizen 3.1 Alpha Englisch: Bei Star Citizen handelt es sich um eine Online-Weltraum-Flugsimukation für Windows. Derzeit befindet sich das Game noch in der Entwicklung, kann aber bereits. Star Citizen production schedule goes public—but still no release date It has now been almost eight years since Star Citizen launched its first Kickstarter We will be deploying patch sc-alpha-3.13.1-live.7445322 starting at 2215 UTC. [2021-05-20 Updates] 2030 UTC - Initial notice, Live Service Maintenance begins 2215 UTC with servers offline at 2245 UTC

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Star Citizen release date discussions just got hotter thanks to new lawsuit developments. When is Squadron 42 coming out? When is Squadron 42 coming out? Sat, May 22, 202 COLONEL: The finished game for your PC with your Anvil Aerospace Hornet ready to fly (High-end ship focused towards dogfighting/combat) + 5,000 Galactic Credits + Exclusive access to the Alpha and Beta + Spaceship shaped USB stick with the game and all digital elements + CD of game soundtrack + Fold-up glossy full color map of the game universe + Hardcover copy of Star Citizen manual + Bronze. Star Citizen was originally planned for launch in 2014, but has since been delayed and now has no projected release date. Based on playable alpha modes and footage, it still seems a long way off. Star Citizen's Squadron 42 Campaign Won't Release In 2020, But It's In The Close Out Phase The single-player campaign is nearing completion, but it won't be released until it's ready

Star Citizen 3.10.0 Live Release Patch Notes Summary - YouTub

Star Citizen Coupon Codes 2021, Earn 5000 Free UEC Credits. CODES (Just Now) STAR-J299-3QLK - Sign up for new account and use star citizen coupon code to get free dragonfly space-bike of value $60 with 5000 in-game currency. STAR-4Q95-2BQ7 - Buy star citzen during holidays and get $45 goodies free upon using coupon code Developer Cloud Imperium Games has confirmed that both Delamar and Levski will be removed from the game in the upcoming Alpha 3.12.1 build of Star Citizen. The reason given is that this would free up memory and entities for future additions to the Star Citizen universe until server meshing is implemented. Unfortunately, there is no confirmation on when server meshing will be available

Roberts Space Industries is the official go-to website for all news about Star Citizen and Squadron 42. It also hosts the online store for game items and merch, as well as all the community tools used by our fans Star Citizen is a massively multiplayer, space trading and combat computer game for Microsoft Windows and Linux. I have a problem with Star Citizen Star Citizen outages reported in the last 24 hours Thanks for submitting a report! Your report was successfully submitted. x How do you rate Star Citizen over the past 3 months? Close What isn't working? x Server connection Log-in Website Something. Star Citizen's most-anticipated spaceship finally has a release date Six years after backers unlocked it. News by Wesley Yin-Poole, Deputy Editor Updated on 23 November 2019. Star Citizen has.

85% OFF Star Citizen Coupon 2021 Verified . 85% off (2 days ago) (8 days ago) Oct 19, 2020 · (Just Now) Star Citizen Coupon Codes 2021 STAR-M529-S94D - Get Free Christmas Bonus Ship (the Drake Dragonfly) with coupon code. STAR-M529-S94D - 5000 Free Credits with Free Drake Dragonfly Hover Bike. STAR-XLN7-9XNJ - Apply Star Citizen Coupon Code to receive free Drake Dragonfly+5000uec Star Citizen is being released as a series of modules culminating into the launch of the game. Cloud Imperium Games has pledged to support each module with continuous patches and improvements in order to gather as much early and non-stop feedback as possible. 1 Hangar Module 2 Dogfighting Module 3 FPS / Ship-boarding Module 4 Social / Planetside Module 5 Singleplayer Alpha / Squadron 42 Alpha.

Star Citizen Roadmap - RSI - Roberts Space Industrie

Star Citizen offers more than any other space sim such as Elite Dangerous or X4: Foundations! Dogfight. Over 100 ships and vehicles already usable ingame to challenge NPCs or fellow players in space, the planet's atmosphere or on its surface. Seamingless by starting the fight on a planet, then proceed into the sky and leaving the atmosphere to land the final blow in space. Trading. Take your. Star Citizen is an upcoming multiplayer space trading and combat game developed and published by Cloud Imperium Games for Microsoft Windows. Are you looking for Star Citizen Ships, Upgrades, Packs and Other items? We have reliable sellers here with the most complete stock. You can always get what you want with the best price, even limitied edition ships. Do not hesitate and get your dream ship. Created by Chris Sheridan. With Alan Tudyk, Sara Tomko, Corey Reynolds, Alice Wetterlund. A crash-landed alien named Harry who takes on the identity of a small-town Colorado doctor and slowly begins to wrestle with the moral dilemma of his secret mission on Earth Star Citizen fans are beginning to suspect that something's not quite right as they've started asking developer Cloud Imperium Games for more updates regarding the controversial game's progress

Neue Webseite, Alpha 3.1, drei weitere Release-Phasen bis Ende 2018 - In diesem Jahr will Cloud Imperium mit der Entwicklung von Star Citizen einen entscheiden Satz nach vorne machen Squadron 42, like Star Citizen, has no release date. Perhaps when CIG is finished with the roadmap for the roadmap, they could give us a timeline for the timeline. I love Chris Roberts' single. Star Citizen. 166,213 likes · 1,749 talking about this. Star Citizen is in active development. You can download and play Star Citizen Alpha 3.10 now... Fans von Star Citizen fragen sich, wie es nach dem Release von Alpha 3.0 in diesem Jahr weiter geht. Die Entwickler bei Cloud Imperium Games haben jetzt die groben Pläne bekannt gegeben.. 2018. Release Date:TBA. Latest News Latest Videos Articles Gameplay Trailers Images GameHelp. 1:00. Apr 22, 2021-53. Star Citizen Trailer: Big Caves and Dangerous Missions Await in the Latest Update. 0.

Hab den Origin 600i Club verlassen, da ich meine 600i eingeschmolzen habe. Habe dafür eine Constellation Phoenix, welche ich auch als mittleres Frachtschiff nutzen kann Star Citizen is an early access space simulator video game for the PC. Using the power of Amazon's Lumberyard Engine, it consists of a persistent world massively multiplayer taking place in the Stanton star system. Future releases will include mining, bounty hunting, farming and more. In addition to this, a single-player campaign game titled Squadron 42 will lead players through the life of a. Star Citizen hit $300 million in June 2020, which yes, meaning after all these years the pace of funding is actually increasing. What a truly goofy story, the perplexing gift that keeps on giving. For years, Star Citizen has been the butt of many jokes thanks to its lack of a solid release date and notoriously mismanaged development. However, despite not having officially released yet, the game is very much real and in a playable state. Star Citizen's current Alpha build may not live up to its promise of being the most detailed, infinitely explorable, massively multiplayer, space. Star Citizen production schedule goes public—but still no release date No word on the much-hyped Squadron 42 either, which missed its 2015 launch. Mark Walton - Nov 21, 2016 5:52 pm UT

The Star Wars: Squadrons release date is set for October 2nd; the game is priced at $40 and already available for pre-order. If you missed it last week, check out the game's reveal trailer. Star Citizen ist das ambitionierte Kickstarter-Projekt von Robert Space Industries (Chris Roberts), das selbst bei über 50 Millionen US-Dollar. Star Citizen shows no signs of slowing down, in terms of fundraising dollars from players. In fact, last year may have been the crowdfunded space game's biggest year yet. Data shared by the team.

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